April 11, 2010

May 12th

Yep that is right...... unless baby Willis #2 decides to come sooner, May 12th is the day we have been scheduled to have our c-section. I really hope that baby #2 does his/her own thing and comes on his/her own time. It makes things more interesting not knowing the day or time or the sex. But that is just me.

Anyways.... we are taking baby boy name suggestions. (no we do not know the sex we just have a pretty definite girl name or two)

I will leave you with the most current pregnancy picture.


jeanne and david said...

Isaac, Seth, Braden, Corbin - you'll have to ask your dad the others he mentioned - just couldn't bring myself to list them ;-)

Ted n' Tiff said...

Well since you are scheduled to have a c-section on May 12, then we think you have to name the baby Seth (if it is a boy). May 12th is Seth's birthday!