December 9, 2009

Lot's of snow

The news calls it: Operation Winter Storm. Blizzard of '09. Blizzard Blast.

I call it winter.

Regardless, we got dumped on the last 24 hours on basically everything except moving snow was cancelled today.

I was itching to go outside all morning after seeing 12-14 inches on the ground with a giant drift around my truck. I finally got enough shoveling done to get the truck out of the driveway and took a drive around. The town was pretty dead. It was kinda fun.

After coming home, I shoveled more, helped my neighbor fix his snowblower, played with Makenna outside and shoveled some more. It's still not done yet, but it's good enough.

Makenna kinda enjoyed the ride in the "sled," but it was tough to tell since it was nap time. A few minutes of playing followed by a face-plant in the snow sent her back inside.

You might notice my neighbor working on his snow blower as we run by.

In other news, the Ag Leader building I have been working on had it' s big opening this week. Two papers covered it. Both write ups were pathetic. Here is a link to one. They even spelled the guy's name wrong in the picture.

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