December 4, 2009

Baby 2 Update

Here is the information we received on Tuesday from our week 16 appointment.

  • I have lost two pounds since our last appointment. No worries....I still have plenty of time to pack on the pounds.
  • Baby #2 had a strong heartbeat ranging between 144 and 140.
  • Our ultra-sound is scheduled for December 23. I can't wait to see the little one and see all his/her body parts. And NO we are not gonna find out the sex. (that day at least. more to come on that later)

Other Baby #2 news

  • Over the past couple days I have been able to feel the kiddo move. And boy does this one move a lot. I have a feeling we will have another active kiddo on our hands.
  • We have a nickname for Baby #2. But I will let Jared introduce the name to you. And explain how we came up with it.
  • I have experienced pregnancy cravings so much more with this pregnancy. The latest cravings include sour cream and cheddar ruffles, soda (I rarely drink soda so this one is strange but I crave it all the time), peanut butter, movie theater popcorn (been very tempted to go to the theater just to get popcorn), milk, cheese, and as always cherry limeades from Sonic.
  • When I ask Makenna to give baby "insert nickname" a kiss. She will lift up my shirt and give my belly a kiss. It is so sweet!
  • I am showing a lot sooner this pregnancy than with Makenna. AKA. The maternity pants are out and I am either living in them or sweat pants. For those who don't remember, I could still wear my regular jeans almost the entire pregnancy with Makenna.

I will leave you with a week 16 pregnancy picture. Enjoy!


paige said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!! i have been craving movie theater popcorn and cokes SO BAD!!! i hear you. weird...

Jessica said...

You can just go to the theater and buy the popcorn. FOR REAL. I say, you should do it!

Ted n' Tiff said...

It was fun reading your update! So exciting to have another little one!