April 29, 2009

Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis Wednesday

I've been really bad about writing recently. If you are expecting something profound or incredibly interesting because of the delay, you are going to suffer much disappointment.

-I heard a song on the country station today I am convinced we sang at church awhile back. The only difference was the occasional switch of "Jesus" for "baby." Makes me wonder how many other songs could jump genres by changing one word.

- Every time I drive by K-mart in
Ames I ponder about the size of the parking lot. There are at least 300 spots and I've never seen more than 10 cars. You could hold the county fair there and K-ma-part wouldn't miss a beat.

-Heavy rain and no sod on fresh black dirt don't get along. Just ask the geniuses building next door. I taught Allison a lesson on erosion, proper drainage and the phrase "gully washer."

-It's going to be kinda tough leaving this place we live for one reason. The location. I love being able to look out at the ducks, geese, 2 beavers, and great blue herons. As well as no rear neighbors and the feel of being in the country.

sheetrock on the ceiling by yourself stinks. I felt like I was on a Biggest Loser challenge.

-I wish
Makenna's teeth would come in already. She gnaws on everything like a dog on a fresh ham.

-Speaking of ham, how about this swine flu? If it reaches (God forbid) one million deaths per year, it will match malaria. And how concerned are
American's about malaria? Perspective anyone?

-For a person who truly believes in the Bible in Iowa, its a very sad week. The aftermath of courts putting God's Word in the backseat was initiated.

-Speaking of gays, the Presbyterian church (narrowly) voted to not allow them to become pastors. How would that work? Just pick and choose which marriage and instruction passages to follow? The "this isn't what I believe God meant, so disregard it" approach seems a little funny. Guess what? Jesus doesn't make typos.

-I'm getting to experience first hand
Ames government. What an exercise in futility. Heard of "Git-R-Done?" This is the exact opposite.

-What's the deal with Burger King's new advertisement for kids meals featuring Sir Mix A Lot? "I like square butts and I can not lie." Seriously?

Idol is interesting, I find the most captivating part is Paula's well-intentioned, yet ridiculous statements. Someone should sing "Ramble On" and dedicate it to her.


Anonymous said...

So there with you on the Burger King commercial... Bryan and I just stared at it with jaws dropped. Using sex to sell kids' meals... giddy up America you're headed somewhere hot in a handbasket!!

clarkitect said...

Nice take on swine flu. "Ramble On," classic.