July 17, 2013

The Projects

"The Projects" : That is what we call the nearly 5 acre property we bought as a foreclosure about a year and a half ago.

Why "The Projects"?

Because Makenna started calling the property by that name because Jared was often talking about all 'the projects' that need to be done out there. And the name stuck.

So there is the explanation behind the name.

Our long term goal (provided we have God's blessing and it is His will for our family) is to tear down the current - not livable as is house and build a new house almost exactly where the current house is located.

It is exciting to go out to The Projects and dream about what life might look like out there. The best part is watching the kiddos run around and explore all the wide open space. I also love all the possibilities living out there brings.

A few things that the property already has on it that I am excited about:
  • 2 apple trees
  • 1 pear tree - which might have to get removed:( 
  • a large patch of rhubarb 
  • an old corn crib
  • many full grown trees

A few things we have added/done to the property:
  • raspberry bushes - which may or may not have died
  • a bunch of perennial flowers
  • torn down a fence
  • trimmed/cut down dead trees
  • used a brush hog to cut the overgrown pasture and yard -it was a sad sight until Jared went to work on it
  • sprayed thistles several times
  • had the electric company drop a power line that runs diagonally across the north/front side of the current house

Now for a few old pictures of the property. They are from over a year ago but not much has changed. I think Jared has a few that are more recent and that have several more/better angles of the property. But for now these will have to do.

Looking Southwest towards the pasture and loafing shed.

 Looking Northwest towards the corn crib.

Standing up by the current house looking South.

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