May 17, 2013

Colin @ 3

These are Colin's stats @ 3 years :
  • Height - 3' 3"
  • Weight - 33 pounds

Here is a highlighted list of some things that stand out about Colin @ 3 years :
  • He LOVES to pretend play with Makenna.
  • He can count to 20.
  • He knows most of his letters and their sounds. He does best at telling you a word that starts with a letter sound rather than identifying the letter. 
  • He is into super heros... Spiderman, Superman, knight/princes, and pirates.
  • He will spend hours digging in dirt/sand. 
  • He gets himself dressed and likes to have a say in what he wears.
  • He loves food and will eat most anything that I make for him.
  • He can verbally spell his name.
  • A few of his favorite toys include; cars, tractors, his pretend gun, a plastic camera, and a sword.
  • He has gotten in the habit of sticking things in his pockets. I however have yet to get into the habit of checking his pockets for trinkets before washing them.
  • He works really hard at 25-50 piece puzzles and he does them very well with little help.
  • He continues to have a rather laid back and quiet personality.
  • He is a cuddle bug. He always wants to be rocked before both his nap and before bed at night.

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