April 11, 2013

Makenna @ 4 1/2

I decided that since I have recently updated about both Colin and Kyla I would do a quick update on Makenna too.

Here are a few things that stand out about Makenna @ 4 1/2 :

She loves to color.

She REALLY likes to play Sequence for Kids. She is also a fan of many other board games but this by far is her favorite.

She still lives in princess land. Although it has tamed down a bit.

She loves animals. She doesn't even discriminate. She likes to let bugs crawl on her hands and pick up worms. Inside I am thinking "that is gross" but outwardly I encourage her because really it isn't that gross and it even 'cool' (her word not mine) to Makenna.

Her vocabulary and word comprehension shocks me at times...in a good way. A few highlighted words in her vocabulary; familiar, particularly, precisely, and exactly.

She would rotate eating grilled cheese, pizza, or pb&j for every meal if I let her.

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