October 30, 2012

Makenna's @ 4 Years

Makenna had her 4 Year check-up a week ago. She did a great job and was very brave about getting her shots and she ended up not even crying. Truth be told she cried way too hard when I took her band-aids off. Go figure.

Here are her stats.
  • Height - 3' 4"
  • Weight - 32 pounds
A few of Makenna's latest accomplishments and favorite things....
  • rides a 16" bike with training wheels
  • she still loves princesses
  • she continues to be rather particular about food
  • she loves to color and now tries to stay in the lines
  • she can put 100 piece puzzles together
  • she can identify the beginning sounds/letters of simple words
  • she still enjoys singing and dancing
  • her writing stills are improving and she can write letters from memory

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