June 28, 2012

Colin @ 2 Years

Colin finally had his two year appointment yesterday.  The doctor gave him a big thumbs up as far as a two-year-old boy is concerned.

Here are his stats:

Height : 36 inches
Weight : 30 pounds

Some other new things Colin has recently started to do/take interest in.
  • counting 1-10
  • saying his ABC's
  • trying to verbally spell his name
  • he is talking in more full sentences to communicate what he wants
  • pretending (mostly because that is all his big sister ever wants to play)
  • wrestling with daddy
  • riding his bike (hopefully I will get a video of him soon)
  • he finally said "I love you" to both Jared and I just the other day.
  • he is constantly saying "me too"
  • he is currently working on getting his 2-year molars
And as far as his 2 year pictures go it is nearly impossible to get pictures of him without a runny nose or some sort of bump/bruise on his face. This is my goal for next week. So stay tuned.

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