March 14, 2012

Princess Makenna

Makenna has began to fully embrace a love for princesses lately.
She has only see two movies I can think of that have princesses in them but the majority of her day is spent wanting to pretend to be one of them. She flip-flops between Rapunzel and Cinderella. And will definitely let you know when she is in character because she will not answer to Makenna.
That being said I also think she wears a princess dress 80% of the day only taking it off to nap and eat. I was joking the other day with Jared and said "I don't even know why I bother getting her dressed in the morning all she ever really wants to wear is a princess dress" :)

It is fun to have a little girl and to watch her fully delight in being girly. It is also fun to watch her reenact the story lines to Tangled and Cinderella, which I am surprised at how detailed she can be at times. It is even more fun when she is able to convince Colin to play along with her and he just follows her around and does what she wants. I wonder how long that will last:)

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