December 7, 2011

What You Talkin' Bout Willis


Yep that's right, Pinterest.

I was introduced to this website several months ago by my good friend Sarah. And since then Pinterest has become somewhat of a vice of mine. Don't get me wrong I really do enjoy the site and find it helpful but I sometimes feel that it is both good and bad at the same time. Just hear me out.

I'll start with the good.
  1. I am finding all kinds of fun DIY projects like this and this and this that seem both easy and fun.
  2. It helps me not spend hours upon hours searching for new yummy recipes , creative ways to decorate, or simple ways to turn your everyday toilet paper roll into art.
  3. I have found some very good teaching/craft ideas for the kiddos.
  4. I have even found a few Christmas present ideas. Sorry no link to those. Don't want to ruin any surprises.
  5. Family pictures were made easier because of ideas like this.
  6. There are tons and tons of great ideas for fashion. And normal everyday fashion too.

Now for the bad.
  1. It is consuming my life. Not really but kinda. I spend way to much time looking though the site finding things I like. So I guess in regard to #2 on the good list the time I save looking has been replaced by finding.
  2. And most of what I find I will never wear, never want to spend the money on to decorate, and never take time to do my self. Because lets face it I live in the real world. I live on a budget and spend most of my time taking care of my family.

All that being said, I really have found it helpful and fun. I have used several things I found on the site and either used them as inspiration or actually duplicated them. And I am planning to continue to do so.

So I guess the lesson for myself is..... spend my time wisely and don't get carried away with the time I spend on Pinterest.

Oh and also if you have not checked it out you should. It is pretty cool. But be may consume your life:)

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Rachel N. said...

Yeah....about Pinterest...! I agree with you completely. :)