May 13, 2011

Colin : One Year Fun Facts

In honor of Colin's birthday yesterday here are some fun facts about Colin.

  • He has had several nicknames in his first year of life. (Snuff-ol-pal, Col-no, Col-dog, Turbo, and the latest Sir)

  • He has pretty much one facial expression....a "what the heck are you talking about" stare....he gets this from his dad.

  • His hair is uncontrollable....he also gets this from his dad.

  • He loves balls, strawberries, building towers, cars, playing outside, puppies, hats, shoes, waking up at 5:00am, and his toothbrush.

  • He has some stellar dance can tell he is related to Jason Willis.

  • He has mastered going down the slide at the school behind our house all by himself.

  • He climbs on and in whatever he can.

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