August 22, 2010

Colin - 3 Month Update

Colin continues to be a very happy and content baby. He also is a MUCH better sleeper than his big sister. Some highlights about Colin at the age of 3 months....
  • He loves to watch his sister play.
  • He also loves it when she plays with him.
  • He has found his feet.
  • He has rolled over once. From his tummy to his back.
  • He has recently found out that you can stick your hands in your mouth and suck on them.
  • He likes tummy time.
  • He sleeps about 9 hours every night. Yipee!
  • He continues to eat well. And will eat every 3 hours.
  • He is very personable. He will flash smiles at almost anyone who shows him some attention.
  • He has found his voice by cooing and will even laugh now too.

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