September 14, 2009

Where Have We Been

You might have noticed the lack of blogging on the Willis' blog. Well no I am not gonna give an excuse because there really isn't one. But I will fill you in on a few things that have occurred around our home this summer.

* The back patio has been poured.
* We bought a chocolate brown sectional.
* Thanks to Jared's parents generosity and our garden doing well, I have canned 52 pints of green beans, 12 pints and 8 quarts of tomato juice, and 5 pints of salsa. This summer I have also been busy freezing countless bags of sweet corn, carrots, peas, raspberries, and peaches.
* Most of the walls in the house have been painted. Just the kitchen and bathrooms are left.
* Makenna had her first overnight away from home without her momma and daddy. She stayed with my parents and did relatively well.
* We bought a 1/4 of a cow.
* Jared is currently working on trimming out the columns the have replaced the wall in between the kitchen and dining room.

I know there has been more but that is all my brain can come up with right now.

Also, over the next few days I will be attempting to catch up our blog with what we did the past two weekends.

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