August 26, 2009

The state fair quiz

Last Friday, Allison and I went to the Iowa state fair. We took lots of pictures and had a great time. Allison is in love with the fair. I am comfortable just being friends with the fair.

As we walked around, I made mental notes of things that may help you understand how much of a state fair enthusiast you are:

  • In anticipation of the fair, everything you eat has to be on a stick. +2
  • When you hear about the economic slide, it reminds you of the big slide at the fair. +1
  • The ticket taker knows you by name. +2
  • You actually look forward to a corn dog. +1
  • You keep a secret tally of mullet sightings. +1
  • You grow a mullet just in anticipation of the fair. +5
  • You snuck in a McDonald's sandwich. -3
  • As you walk into the main gate, you immediately begin speaking in what can best be described as tongues. +3
  • You believe 5 minutes or less is sufficient time in the 4-H building. -3
  • You can point people to the Pioneer Building. +1
  • You know what show is next up at the Pioneer Building. +3
  • You fell for the "spider-on-a-string" gag in the cattle barn. -1
  • You received a ribbon in the turkey calling contest. +5
  • You asked about a veggie burger at the pork producers tent. -4
  • You walked through every isle at the Varied Industries building. +1
  • You bought something at the VI building. +2
  • You picked the winner of the goat show. +3
  • You saw the butter cow. +0
  • You didn't eat anything on a stick. -1
  • You braved the heat to catch a glimpse of the fair queen contest. +1
  • You know when AE begins serving free ice cream. +2
  • You couldn't find the grandstand. -2
  • You never had your hand stamped all 10 days....because you never left. +5
25-38 - You're a fair fanatic.
15-25 - You're a satisfied fair-goer
5-15 - You may think you like the fair, but you have a ways to go.
0-5 - Did you even go to the fair?
0 or less - Next year, go to the Missouri state fair

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