May 5, 2009

How-To Tuesday

How to not accumulate a whole bunch of stuff.

Since I have been packing up all of our stuff this week, I have been thinking about how much junk we have and how much stuff we actually use. Overall, I would say that Jared and I tend to have fewer items in our home than most.

Here is how I eliminate all that stuff in a house:
  1. When packing your things to move or doing spring cleaning, ask yourself "Have I used this in the past 6 months? Did I even remember I had this? Is this worth saving for sentimental reasons? If you answer NO to these questions either toss the item, donate it, or sell it at a garage sale.
  2. Move every year!
It may sound too simple but really it makes moving so much easier when you don't have tons of stuff to pack up and move.

For those interested in how long it has taken me to pack. I have worked two days on the house and I only anticipate it taking one more day. And that is just picking away at it when Makenna is napping. The garage.....that is a completely separate undertaking.

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jeanne and david said...

It might help if mother(Jeanne) would stop buying things to donate to your stuff :-)